A Week of Swimming, Games, Singing and More!

A Week of Swimming, Games, Singing and More!

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“Camp changed my life. . .”  —- Beth Heaton, Greene Memorial United Methodist Church Representative for Alta Mons

  • 850 acres.
  • A night under the stars.
  • A week of swimming, games, campfires, arts and crafts, summer songs and a hike to a waterfall.
  • A 2015 graduate of the University of Virginia –who majored in physics, but answered a call this year to ministry in camp.
  • A solid Christian small group camping philosophy that was set in motion 26 years ago by Greene’s own Gary Heaton.
  • A growing camp counselor culture of motivated and engaging college-age Christians .

This is Alta Mons.

This is your camp.

As a United Methodist church member in the Roanoke District, this is part of your witness to the world.

I believe in the power of Methodist church camp.

Camp changed my life, first as a young camper, and then again as a counselor in my early 20’s.  Now I work as a church camp administrator because I want to see Church camp continue to shape children’s lives.

A week spent at summer camp can reach out to a young person from a different angle than Sunday morning church and Sunday school.  In its best form, camp and church are adjunct, partners in reaching kids from churched AND unchurched families.

Go online to the website and read about Meredith Simmons.  She is that UVA physics major who has taken up the job as program director at your district camp.   Gary and I met Meredith a year and a half ago through the camping network, and I can tell you that I am pleased that Meredith was hired.  I think good things are in store for Camp Alta Mons.

Please consider getting behind your church’s outdoor ministry through prayers, financial support, and informal advertising.  Two weeks ago, the Camp office sent five brochures to Greene Memorial and to every other district United Methodist congregation.  I asked Meredith to send me 25 more and they are waiting for you in the Welcome Center.    Please take one to give to a family you know and encourage them to try it.  And please, stop and ask me about church camping:  I’d love to talk with you about Alta Mons and its future.