Sunday School is 9:55 to 10:35 on Sunday mornings.


Nursery: First Floor Room 114 is our Nursery Suite. Newborns to 2 year olds
Pre-School: Third Floor Room 308 children 3 years of age to 5 years old
Elementary: Third Floor Room 309 children Kindergarten through 4th grade
Tweens: Third Floor Room 310 5th grade thru 7th grade
Youth: Third Floor Room 312 8th thru 12th grade


***Two Older Adult Classes***

The Paul Coffey Class: This class has been an established class for over 60 years!!! They are led by
members of their class, using curriculum by Adam Hamilton (Room 212)
The John Wynn Myers Class: This class is led by members of their class, using the Kergyma series, They
are focusing on a series of specific studies on books of the Bible. (Room 304)

***One Baby Boomer Class***

The Trinity Class: This class is led by members of the class. Focus on topic discussions ranging from
UM beliefs, today’s world, Women of the Bible and more (Room 211)

*** Forty to Fifty-five Age Group***

The Discovery Class: This class is led by class members using video series and open discussions. (Room 213)


We have on-going “New Member” classes led by our Pastor. This meets in the Pastor’s study. Dates of classes
will be listed in our newsletter or you may call the church office for details.
Short-term studies are offered as requested throughout the year.

For more information, please contact Debbie Brown at