Join Us for Worship this Sunday

Join Us for Worship this Sunday

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Rev. Gary Heaton’s sermon at 9 and 11am this Sunday, July 30, is “Discovering Treasure” and the scripture text is Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52. The Worship Ensemble will play at the early service and the Chancel Choir anthem at 11:00 is “Here I Am, Lord” (arr. Jack Schrader.)


Congregational Prayer

Lord, we give you thanks for the gift of the past that has been delivered to us by your saints. Thanks for scripture, a word we did not devise but one that we receive; thanks for the memory of the saints, models from the past for our lives today; thanks for your church, an institution we did not create, our home in troubled times, our rock in the storm, our teacher unto wisdom.

We give you thanks that you have not left us to be victims of the tyranny of the present—that through the past you give us a wider view, a long perspective than we would have if we had only our limited experience.

At the same time, Lord, we also thank you that you grace our lives with new insights, fresh beginnings, and lively revelation. You enliven our present by breaking in with your future.

For what is past, for what is to come, for today in all its potential and promise, we give thanks. For your word spoken to us in the past, made real and relevant to us in the present, we give thanks. Enable us to live expectantly and obediently so we can take what has been given in the past, live it in the present, and walk with you in the future. Amen.