The Phantom is Coming Soon!

The Phantom is Coming Soon!

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13th Annual Halloween Event

       The Phantom of the Opera is arriving Friday, 30 October.  One of the most famous horror stories has found its way into several full-length feature films, including the 1925 silent version, as well as the Broadway stage. As a matter of fact, it has been on the Broadway stage for the last 28 consecutive years—that’s quite a run for a Broadway production.

The Phantom that’s coming to Greene Memorial is the 1925 silent version, starring that “man of 1000 faces,” Lon Chaney.  This 89 year-old film is still an attention grabber. In the early 1920’s, the larger theaters had real pipe organs and highly skilled players to accompany these silent movies and that is the atmosphere we will be creating here on the 30th of this month.

All the drama of this famous silent film will be dramatically highlighted by the improvised, live organ accompaniment created by Richard Cummins. From the falling of the opera house’s great chandelier to the moment Christine removes the Phantom’s mask, these actions are underscored by the live organ accompaniment.

Assisting Richard Cummins, who will improvise the organ accompaniment for the film, are the following: John Neighbors, who operates the lights and Rick Murray, Mary Hampton and Barbara Neal who will serve as ushers with flashlights.

No tricks, but good treats will be offered (free) in the Welcome Center at 7:30pm and the movie begins at 8pm.  It’s a great time to invite friends and neighbors who may not have been here before and everyone is invited to come in costume, if desired.