Greene Memorial United Methodist Church was founded in 1859 and the present Gothic stone church erected in 1892. The first pipe organ was a two-manual, mechanical action instrument of 15 stops, thought to have been the work of a Virginia builder and installed in 1903.

The present organ was built in 1926 by the E. M. Skinner Organ Co. of Boston. It is Skinner’s opus #577. In 1960 and 1980 changes and additions were made by M.P. Moller, Hagerstown, Maryland. A new, four-manual console was built by the Hagerstown Organ Co. in 1993. The couplers, drawknobs, toe studs and levers were made by David Harris, Whittier, California. The console exterior cabinet is rift-sawn oak and the interior mahogany. Manual keys are bone with ebony sharps and pedal keys are maple with walnut sharps.

A comprehensive MIDI control center operates the performance reproducing system. There is no unification of any manual stops. The Pedal is augmented. The console, which is solid state throughout, can be raised on its hydraulic lift and moved, on its rolling platform, to the center of the chancel where it is fully visible for recitals.

It was the first movable organ console in Roanoke. The organ’s actions, tremulants, switching systems and wiffletree engines are the original electro-pneumatic. The Choir Festival Trumpet is voiced on 8″ wind pressure. The Solo Tuba uses Willis style shallots and is voiced on 16″ wind pressure. Winding for the organ is supplied by the original 1926 blower made by the Spencer Turbine Co. of Hartford, Connecticut, plus an additional step-up blower to supply the high pressure wind for the Solo and Choir reeds.