Yoga for Healthy Living

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Yoga for Healthy Living

Tuesdays, 10am   Room 304


This chair yoga class will show you that exercise does not have to be strenuous, painful, or boring.  Once you find out how enjoyable it is to practice yoga you will be able to overcome one of the most problematic factors in the American lifestyle: inactivity. A sedentary lifestyle eats away quietly and steadily at physical and mental health.

During the practice of chair yoga, you will have fun exploring yoga stretches, breathing exercises, and joint freeing movements to: enhance range of motion, reduce joint pain and stiffness, improve balance, increase flexibility and stamina, sleep better at night, enjoy increased energy, improve your self-confidence and enjoyment of life.

Irene Malachowsky is a registered nurse, licensed HeartMath® 1 on 1 Provider, Cardiac® Yoga and Stress Management certified.  Irene can be reached at 540-992-2212.