Planning a Wedding? 

At Greene Memorial United Methodist Church, we want your wedding to be a joyous and picture-perfect event. To help you prepare for your wedding, Greene Memorial provides the services of several experienced professionals. The following information is provided to help you plan your wedding at Greene Memorial and help ensure that your wedding is a truly memorable experience for you, your family, and your guests. 

A church wedding, as you know, is different from a marriage solemnized in a secular setting. A church wedding is first and foremost a service of worship. Friends and family are invited to gather together in the presence of God to celebrate with the bride and groom their love for one another and to support the couple as they make the most important promises that two people can make to one another. As a result, weddings at Greene Memorial are joyous and festive events, but they always seek to honor the sacred dimensions of the couples’ wedding vows. 


Church Wedding Coordinator 

Greene Memorial provides a staff member to serve as the coordinator for all weddings in the church. The Church Wedding Coordinator will work with you to plan a wedding that both reflects your dreams and honors the sacredness of a Service of Christian Marriage. 

In addition to helping you make the initial arrangements with the church, the Church Wedding Coordinator directs all the activities at the church on the day of the wedding itself. She will coordinate the wedding rehearsal with the Minister officiating the service and oversee all of the details of the wedding itself. Because her responsibilities encompass all the details of the wedding proceedings, no additional coordinator will be needed. In the event that you al-ready have a wedding coordinator, please know that he or she will be asked to honor the wed-ding policies of the church and be available to provide assistance to the Church Wedding Coor-dinator as she directs. 

If you would like to make Greene Memorial the setting for your wedding, please contact our Church Wedding Coordinator (540-344-6225) to set up a time to visit the church, take a tour, and discuss the arrangements for a Greene Memorial wedding. You will receive our wed-ding policies and fees for weddings at this time. 

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When is your Wedding Day?